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  • <strong>For Contractors</strong>

    For Contractors

    Successful Track Record

    Do you have a successful track record of helping property owners recover from insurance related damages?

  • <strong>For Contractors</strong>

    For Contractors

    Experience and Credentials

    Do you have the experience and credentials to back it up?

  • <strong>For Contractors</strong>

    For Contractors

    Network Helping People

    Want to be a member of a network helping people instead of just another contractor on someone's list?

We View Our Members as Customers

BrightServ Member Contractors are part of the lowest cost managed repair program in the industry, and focus on performance and serving Property Owners in need. BrightServ views our Members Contractors as Customers. We have a great track record at providing access to multiple types of work and high close rates to our Members. As a Member, however, there are standards to live up to.

Program Member Benefits

Member Contractors routinely maintain and update their industry certifications along with BrightServ related training in an effort to be knowledgeable on the most efficient ways to support our mutual customers.

  • Access to multiple types of work
  • High Close Rates
  • The Home Depot® Strategic Advantage
  • Lowest Cost Program
  • Simplified Training & Support


Depending on your areas of expertise you must meet our credentialing standards and maintain your credentials real time through, our online credentialing system. You will have access once we approve your initial application. This makes it efficient for us to manage credentialing information to assure our mutual clients that you are properly licensed, certified, and insured.

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Focus on Customer Service

Our highest performance measure is Customer Service! Member Contractors must deliver great restoration services to property owners, make The Home Depot® material selection option available to property owners, and provide consistent communications with all parties involved (Property Owners, Adjusters, and BrightServ support staff).

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  • You'll Love Working With Us

  • I have worked with several different TPA's and BrightServ and the team are among the Best!

    - Contractor - CA

  • BrightServ offers quality services with the BEST customer service

    - Contractor - CA

  • Organized, Reliable, Courteous and always going above and beyond for their customers.

    - Contractor - CA

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is BrightServ different from other TPA programs?

    Most of the feedback we get from Member Contractors when they discuss other TPA firms is our high level of Communication. Contractors are frustrated with TPA firms that won't talk to them in a timely fashion! At BrightServ you have several open lines of communications available. Have a question about a claim? Contact your file handler. Dispatching issue? A direct line to the dispatching department. Need to update your credentials? Either update online through Profile Gorilla or contact the Credentialing department. YOU are our Client and we want to make sure you are treated just like our Homeowners and Insurance Companies.

  • Why are your Qualification Standards so high?

    BrightServ meets and in most cases exceeds industry standards in qualifying our Contractors. This is to protect ALL our clients including you! By making sure that you meet our Quality Standards shows to the Homeowner that we've done the legwork to verify not only the Contractors skill set but also their work history.
  • Do you have work in my area?

    BrightServ has National Insurance Carriers along with Regional Carriers that cover the entire lower 48 states. While less densely populated areas generate less claim traffic the odds are pretty good that we have business in your area. We'll contact you after your initial application to discuss your potential.
  • Do you require Training?

    Yes! After you are fully credentialed you are required to attend an online Training Webinar. You'll learn the BrightServ claim process as well as any specific Carrier requirements. During the year there may be other trainings conducted to update and upgrade your skill set that we hope will improve your ability to close jobs as well as mandated Carrier updates. Certain training programs you complete may promote you to a Preferred Status which could improve your claim opportunities!
  • What are your Job Fees?

    BrightServ charges Member Contractors a small percentage of the overall job fee with the lowest fees in the industry!

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